Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a fever. When do I have to call the doctor?
It depends on the age of the child. If the child is under 6 months of age and has a temperature over 100.4° F rectally, you should call the office right away. If the child is older than 6 months and has a fever over 100.4° F for more than two days or if that fever is accompanied by ear or throat pain, call the office.

My child has a cold. Should I give her medicine?
We do not recommend using over-the-counter cold medicines in children. Running a cool mist humidifier, having the child exposed to a steamy shower, and using non-medicated saline nasal mist can help relieve symptoms. Call the office if the cold symptoms are accompanied by a fever of 100.4° F or greater, or if your child has difficulty breathing, ear pain, or a change in disposition.

My baby has a terrible diaper rash. What can I do?
If rash is just red, stop using diaper wipes. Use water and a soft newborn washcloth or the softest paper towels and then let your baby's bottom air dry. If the rash appears blistered or pimply, call us for an appointment; it could be a skin infection.

My child has a sore throat. Does he need to see a doctor?
Give us a call. It's easy now to perform rapid in-office strep throat tests. Definitely call the office if the sore throat is accompanied by a fever of 100.4° F or greater.

My child is having trouble sleeping. I am out of ideas…what can I do?
Call us and we'll be happy to discuss it with you. If necessary, we can refer you to a sleep specialist.

When should I call 911?
You should definitely call 911 right away if your child has lost consciousness, is having breathing trouble, or is showing signs of an allergic reaction (such as swollen lips, a hoarse voice, or tongue discomfort) accompanied by difficulty breathing. Of course you should always call 911 for anything you consider a life-threatening or serious emergency.

I think my daughter broke her arm on the playground. Should I see you or go to the emergency room?
Call us if you think your child has a broken bone. One of our facilities has an x-ray machine. We will advise you about whether to come to the office or go to the nearest ER.