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1. What's the difference between Weill Cornell Medical Associates and other private practice primary care groups?

We provide the best primary care in the city with outstanding physicians and outstanding service for all members of your family, from infant to seniors.

In addition, our practices have previously achieved the highest level (Level 3) of the National Committee on Quality Assurance's (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home certification under the 2009 standards and we are currently applying under the more recent standards.

  • Unlike many private practice physicians, our physicians all meet stringent criteria for full-time faculty appointments at the Weill Cornell Medical College and are required to teach at the medical school and remain up-to-date on the latest medical advances.
  • Because our physicians are employed by Weill Cornell we have no financial incentives to perform more blood work or imaging, or send you to specialists; we are strictly motivated to provide the best, most appropriate medical care.
  • We have strict billing compliance and quality assurance programs to help insure you are never overcharged for unnecessary care and always receive the best care possible.
  • We regularly survey our patients to learn where we are doing well and what we can do better, and we pay attention to these surveys and are always striving to improve our service and our quality.
  • Our electronic medical record is fully integrated with all other Weill Cornell physicians and the New York Presbyterian inpatient record, assuring that we are fully aware of and collaborating with the other physicians involved in your care.

2. Do I have to pay a membership or concierge fee to be seen at your practice? We accept many managed care insurance plans and there is NEVER an additional membership or concierge fee to access your test results online, send electronic messages to your physician or our practice, request prescription refills and referrals online, and to be assured of same-day sick visits when needed. We offer extended office hours, blood drawing on-site, full vaccine services for preventive care and travel, and coordination of referrals to the best specialists in New York.

3. Since you have multiple practices around the city, can I be seen at any office if I am sick? We believe it's always better for you to be seen by your personal physician who knows you best and can care for you most safely and efficiently. If your physician is not available to see you for an urgent problem you can see any of our other physicians at any practice location.

4. When I am sick, can you see me the same day or should I just go to a local urgent care center? All of our physicians reserve time on their schedules for same-day sick visits; if your primary physician cannot see you one of their colleagues will almost always be able to accommodate you. Because your physician or practice knows you best, and all your health information is in our electronic medical record, it is usually safest and most efficient for you to be seen in one of our practices when feasible. In addition, as faculty members at Weill Cornell we have access to the best specialists in New York should you need a referral.

5. Why do you ask me to arrive ten minutes earlier than my scheduled appointment time? We know your time is valuable and so is ours. We start your appointments on time and ask that you arrive a little early to complete paperwork, update insurance information, etc, so that we can see you at your scheduled appointment time. Occasionally emergencies arise that may delay the start of your visit, but you'll soon learn why our patients are amazed that they rarely wait for their appointments.

6. What vaccine schedule do your Pediatricians follow? Please click here to learn more about our philosophy and policies.

7. Can I view my lab tests and other information online? Yes, you can access all of these on our website through our secure patient portal, Weill Cornell Connect. If you do not have an account you can create one on-the-fly. You can also send messages to the office, request refills and referrals, request (and soon, schedule) appointments, and read in-depth medical advice and information by searching any topic of interest.

8. Are you recognized by any organizations for your quality? We participate in many quality reporting programs and initiatives including Medicare's Physician Quality Reporting System and Medicare and Medicaid's Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program for meaningful use of an EHR. In addition, our practices have achieved the highest level (Level 3) of the National Committee on Quality Assurance's (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition under the 2008 and 2011 standards. To learn more about this program click here